A downloadable game for Android

Have you ever wanted to play as Donald Trump in an app game? Well, even if you haven't, you'll get your chance if you play Trump Jump! This game is an arcade-style mobile game where you fling Trump across seemingly endless obstacle gauntlets! More gripping than Flappy Bird! More deceptively difficult than...other arcade-like mobile phone games! Trump Jump is the ultimate portable reflex teaser!!

Face mental and physical struggles in the immensely gripping 50-level-long Story Mode! Try and see how many points you can get in the 100-obstacle long Marathon Mode!

It's time to make mobile gaming great again!

(Please note: This app is not designed to offend anybody. It is purely made for fun's sake. If you are offended, then I'm sorry a mobile phone game can do that to you.)


This game is currently unavailable